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  • OnPoint: Dear Labour Caucus, in reply to Russell Brown,

    As always, an interesting and thoughtful post Keith.

    1. Mr Goff had the numbers according to Duncan Garner who said on TV that "the numbers" were published in mid July 2011, then again Mr Goff had them in front of him on TV (the Nation) and had to refer to them. Don't attack Goff for that, he can't know everything all the time but he had that information.

    2. How do we know Cunliffe is offering Jobs, as someone says, there is no place for Cunliffe either so mr Shearer must be doing the same including whips and finance spokesperson which is said to be Parker (wtf?)

    3. Given there is such a split in the Caucus, how is Shearer not also divisive? It's not just Cunliffe is it. If it is just about that, how f'kng churlish and peurile of the ABC crowd.

    4. MPs should own up to who they vote for and why because the overwhelming sense in the party and the energy in the party is behind Cunliffe. If he has managed to turn people around in two weeks inside the party, what does that say of his ability over three years? As usual, the "non-politician" line is strong at first but as you've seen, people have seen and heard Cunliffe talk and have come out of meetings having changed their mind.

    5. My question is what is there to be gained from keeping Cunliffe out, the one who is talking about change in the party and at long last someone talking about the promotion of merit and talent? It seems to me to be a grasp by those who've been there a very long time at keeping the strings.

    6. I like Mr Shearer, he's a decent man clearly, but it does not in any way look like he has the preparation to be leader to win in 2014. Why is Labour, or more it's MPs, prepared to sacrifice us for another six years? Labour can't afford to wait six months to take the training wheels off it truly stands for those of us who are suffering under National.

    I like your posts Keith, but I am just wondering where the information on Cunliffe has come from. Surely if the vote is so split and so close, both figures are divisive and as McCarten says... it is a contest between substance or popularity, Labour can't beat Mr Key at his own game, they must build a base that resets the agenda and take it to the PM and to stand up as a real alternative to a National-led government.

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  • Hard News: The Next Labour Leader,

    I don't understand this thing about sniping? It seems fair to me to mention the lighter shade of blue thing, I mean, I was a member of Labour for a while and have since moved to the Greens, know why? Because the crew I see mentioned that are behind Mr Shearer are the same crew who took Labour to the Right.

    I know they dislike Mr Cunliffe, you can see it in the media with their proxies like Pagani writing up questions about him. I don't like this, it's what I don't like about Labour, there are factions and they deny they exist. They keep being called the "Old Guard", I guess that's right (excuse a pun) and we all know the stuff they've been saying about Cunliffe for years.

    Mr Shearer looks great, but he's not ready and he hasn't done the thinking about this. He wants to talk to his colleagues over summer? Mate, if you can't start a programme now and I don't think you can, you can't take on National. Cunliffe I believe can. I've met them both twice, both nice guys, both smart but Mr Shearer Sir, I don't think you are ready.

    As for the sniping, a plague on both their houses because when Trevor Mallard is doing your numbers, you know it's going to be dirty. I also don't get why Grant Robertson is running as Deputy to Mr Shearer, I thought Grant was a progressive MP? Seems odd if you ask me, the big right wing machine in Labour tackling someone from the left, what's wrong with Labour?

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