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  • Hard News: Inimical to the public good,

    Might I add: When it's kiddy porn you're trying to identify, you know when you've found it because it looks like kiddy porn.

    Copyright is another matter: I recently downloaded something that I have previously bought (I can't find the disks). I have paid for this in the past so, surely that's it. If I was nabbed for it I should be presumed innocent until proven guilty - something I have no idea how the rights-holders might try to prove.

    Sorry but the jig is up.

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  • Hard News: Inimical to the public good,

    When people hear "complain process" they think about people sitting in an office reading through printed logs and holding meetings to discuss who they think may be infringing copyright, then building the case and writing a letter to the ISP to make their first complaint.

    Nuh-uh. Is there anyone here who doesn't think this whole process will just be mechanised?

    Machine-readable logs. The computer goes through to identify suspicious behavior, bit-torrent or Limewire usage etc.

    Machine-writable letters. They'll all be the same, potentially with a few variables like what time you were downloading or uploading something they don't suspect you have the rights to.

    That's the entire process. Download an album and I don't see why a computer couldn't make at least three complaints out of that. By that time, it's a disconnection request.

    Early next year I hope to release an original artwork to the creative commons. The full file will be at least 100mb and our goal is to get one million downloads. I'll need to distribute it with the help of BitTorrent, or pay some ridonkulous data fee. People need to know that downloading my work for free won't get them disconnected from the net.

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