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  • Muse: The Very Odd Future According to…,

    No one really seems to grasp the full issue here. This has nothing, and should have nothing to do with politicians and their worthless attempts to protect youth from their own fears. Constantly we are being told no because they feel they are doing us a huge favor in taking away our power to decide. Not only do they feel the need to take from us what is not theirs, what they should not be able to take, but they also do so without any responsibility. And to do so in such a hypocritical way.
    What are you so scared of? That a bunch of middle-class, white boys and girls (the overwhelming majority of OF listeners) will drop their shit, turn on the gay community and spread their supposed message of hate. Grow up. - No don't say I'm being racist in highlighting the target audience, it wouldn't matter who listened to them you would be scared of them anyway.

    Yes I am an Odd future fan and yes I find this action to ban an art form detestable.
    No one gave a squirt of piss (those of you who know the reference good on you, those who do not you should do some research) when Rammstein came to BDO. And I bet they have not heard "Pussy" or seen the video clip. Why did no one care? Because its not Hip-Hop. Grow the fuck up. Stop looking at music to solve complex social problems which you cannot do anything about.

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