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    My lovely wife and I were on the train from Berlin to Prague. Just before the Czech border we realised that our passports were still in Berlin. After a discussion involving pretty much the whole carriage, the majority decision was that we DEFINATELY needed our passports to get to Prague. Getting off at Dresden we went to the ticket counter to find a way back to Berlin and still be able to catch the last train of the day to Prague. The ticket counter was populated by elderly Germans who didn’t speak English but one of them pointed at the only young person there.

    He’d finished work for the day but still planned the trip back to pick up the passports, he then had a beer with us and we talked about life in Dresden and he pointed out things to do and see while I did the round trip back to Berlin. What a champion!

    On a more local note, I work with people that care for our elderly. Every day I see these people put the interests of those they care for ahead of their own. There are certainly some structural problems in NZ aged care, but thank goodness the vast majority of those working in the sector actually care.

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