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  • Hard News: The Sound of Music,

    +1 for no music required. I guess this makes me an old fogey too. I thought that it would go without saying that if you are watching, for example, France v England in a World Cup Quarterfinal, you let the atmosphere grow rather than drowning it out with pop tunes. But nope. Heaven forbid that we could actually hear the crowd celebrating after a try, or that the visiting fans might actually manage to sing a verse without being interrupted.
    There might be some merit in blaring music in, say, Super 15 matches, where half of the crowd are teenagers running around flirting or trying to score cigarettes, and the promoters are afraid viewers might hear the quiet sound of indifference after a team scores... but this is the World Cup - shouldn't that be different? And then most of the posters on this thread are arguing about what braindead hook would be the most appropriate to drown out the crowd with.

    There has been some talk in this cup about how quiet and apathetic the NZ crowds are. I guess this is the result of 15+ years of being "entertained" at rugby. We've forgotten about being interested in the actual game, and being thrilled by the sound of 60,000 people roaring in excitement.

    Shame when lots of other things have been done tastefully. The anthems at Eden Park the last 2 weeks have been spine-tingling. Ah well, at least they didn't whack on "Song 2" when Iniesta scored in the final last year.

    Moving on from my pet gripe...

    @Yamis - HK2001 was a bit high rotate; one of the other songs you are probably thinking of was Jennifer Lopez "Let's get loud". Rough through a Pims hangover.

    @Steve Barnes - I think that Neil Young's music for "Dead Man" was recorded similarly.

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