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  • Hard News: The TVNZ 7 Internet Debate,


    There has been plenty of industry action on this over the last 18 months. Problem is, it does not make commercial sense for every ISP to 'peer' with everyone else.

    Telecom has launched its Local Peering offering and apparently has a couple of ISPs hooked up already. Can't find the launch stuff but you can read about their pilot announcement here

    To go further the MED has required Telecom to consult with the industry via the Telecommunications Carrier's Forum on NGN IP Interconnection which is 'apparently' going well.

    Rather than questioning the pollies on something that is getting sorted my preference would be to find out;

    Even with $0.5Billion or $1.5Billion investment - can they confirm that they do not expect the 'rural' customers to get DSL, let alone fibre and that the only services that the 'last 5%' of the population will get wil be supplied by wireless (3G or WiMax) or Satellite operators.

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