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  • Hard News: The GST Punt,

    Forget about removing GST from Fruit and Vege this simply won't be enough to convince the people who don't already eat these products to buy them. The Government would be better off introducing a tax on the junk food that is killing said people as well as costing taxpayers and absolute fortune in health care. This method seems to be working for cigarettes surely it would apply to KFC, Maccers and F & C's ?

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  • 2010: The Cultural YTD,

    For me it was seeing the Phoenix Foundation at the Mussel Inn in Takaka fantastic venue, fantastic band.

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  • Hard News: Ihug: still screwed?,

    Leave your ISP for ever buy a domain name and go for Google hosted it's the business and what's best it's free. I've been using it for a small business I have on the go and I've had no problems at all.

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