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    Yep its lokum you can even get chocolate flavoured now, double fun :)

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    One day in the heady summer of 1990, driving from Hamilton to Auckland in a fine Ford Cortina MK1 I picked up an interesting looking hitchhiker. Turns out he was an American student living on a houseboat somewhere on the banks of the Mississippi. We exchanged names, I told him I was about to start University, I dropped him at the airport and we left it there.

    A few months later in a first year Law and Technology tutorial we were issued with our brand spanking new university email addresses (somewhat clunky I recall) and with great excitement and some earnestness we fired up our email programmes for the first time on our large boxy Apples. What excitement when I found an email in my inbox. From Outside The University even; sent from somewhere near the banks of the Mississippi. On reflection, (the Ford Cortina has long since gone, ahhhhh) what an inspiring start (hey we are talking nearly 18 years ago, pre-google, probably just about pre-search engine era, – how did he track me down?) of a life and love affair with the marvellousness of the Internet.

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