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  • Up Front: The Innocent Sleep,

    As a baby, I slept too much. Now as an insomniac, going to sleep is admitting defeat. I take sleeping pills which lull me off into a world of sighing relaxation. Though while waiting for said lull, I usually grab a pen and some paper and make lists. Lists of US states beginning with W. Lists of NZ towns. Lists of the longest acronyms I can think of. Names of US presidents, NZ prime ministers, current politicians... Making lists is a great way to entertain the mind and force it to the point where it says, "oh fine. I give up. You win."

    And five litres of Coke? That is insane.

    Ps, I'm an arts student too, and the 9am history lectures are killing me.

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  • Cracker: No Kitty Blues,

    Tonka looks like he had a fantastic life - how many cats can say they've been on telly? We lost our precious dog and friend of nearly 12 years last weekend. Losing an animal friend is definitely one of life's more painful experiences. You'll be hearing Tonka's paws on the floors for a while yet, and I hope it's a comforting sound instead of a saddening one.

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