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  • Cracker: Being there is everything.…,

    Winner, maybe, for the most bizarre use of DYKW I am...

    A friend of mine used to work in the 'special' back bar of Mermaids in Wellington. A very well known, and very senior sportscaster was denied entry to said bar for being too drunk and when challenged went in to an extended 'Don't you know who I am!' rant... um yes we know who you are, but do you want everyone else to know who you are? Really?

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  • Cracker: No Kitty Blues,

    Poor Tonka. Nice to know he went out being held by someone who loved him though.

    My very old and slightly senile cat headed out to lie on the grass in sleet and rain to die- only to be retrieved by my mother who took her back inside and held her until she died- so she said "that she would know she was loved"...

    Tis a horrible thing, I've had many a teary conversation, lump in throat, 'she/ he was such a good cat'...

    Sounds like Tonka was too.

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  • Hard News: Heard any good tunes lately?,

    Good music? After a month long total television vacation (rehab?) in the complete Six Feet Under DVDs I came across Sia.

    Her song Breathe Me plays under the closing scenes of the last episode. So far I am really enjoying her 2008 album 'Some People have Real Problems'. Not sure yet if it's just music to montage to, but there's something about that voice.

    Mavis Staples 'We'll never turn back' is something else too.

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