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  • Hard News: The Public Address Word of…,

    No one's mentioned SlutWalk yet?
    Also, Happy Feet, election, teapot, teapot tapes...
    Alternatively, I like planking, ghost-chips, mandate, occupy, liquefaction and a bunch of others that have already been suggested.

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  • Up Front: How About Now?,

    Hi Emma and everyone else!
    First, it is definitely time for marriage equality and these poll results afre incredibly heartening. I had suspected that NZers were fairly apathetic about same sex marriage but it looks like this isn't the case after all.
    I'm de-lurking after following this blog for a few years because some of my friends are trying to start up a campaign for marriage and adoption equality and I'd like to give them a bit of free publicity, given that people here are talking about a campaign being possibly a good idea.
    Their Facebook page is here and there should be a website going online soon. I know it's pretty small at this stage but hopefully it's going to expand.
    I hope this post doesn't seem too much like spam or advertising. *is nervous*

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