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    My quarter-acre red zone section alone was already worth very close to what I'm going to be 'offered' for my entire property, fully renovated cottage included. The section, like the house, has only minimal damage which I was told by both EQC and State (who have been awful to deal with) would be easily repaired and I was happy to wait for however long it took. Being a huge, private section, only a few minutes to malls and town, and with river, forest, and beach a walk away, it will be worth many times what I’m - I think - being forced to sell it for. Where’s, at the bare minimum, my first right to re-purchase it at the same price when that day comes? My RV is farcical, my replacement policy it seems is worthless – given only minor repairs are needed (and that after 9 months of waiting, State has been refusing to confirm with many in our area that a property is a total loss for reasons we now know) - and the property I love, worked so hard to get, and never wanted to sell will someday belong to someone who can afford it. And the bitter irony is that, thanks to Key - not the quakes, that person won’t be me if I accept this ‘offer’. Am I really to be forced to hand over my property for less than I paid for it (and that’s before the extensive renovations and six years of mortgage payments) meaning I can’t get even close to the same thing tomorrow for double what I’m being offered? We’ve been counting our blessings for not having lost a loved one though the past ‘events’, but now this decision, not the quakes, has my family devastated.

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