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  • Southerly: Tower Insurance Have Some Bad…,

    Thanks for writing this article, I got straight on the phone to AMI and yep they are exactly the same as Tower. When the girl told me they would pay the value of my repairs only if we took option B I was pretty angry. I got her to confirm that they would actually pay the $20 grand or so to repair my home when I would no longer be able to live in it as I was in the red zone and would have to leave and she said yes they would!! Tempted to make them fix it only then they reduce any payout by that amount so not really worth the effort and cost involved. Went to the community briefing here this evening and the insurance rep there confirmed that this would be same/similar for all insurance companies. Sooo, there will be loads of us in this boat, many are likely to be extremely unaware at the moment. I've posted this on Facebook tonight and its gone pretty viral amongst my friends etc. We are going to try and appeal our 'Red zone' label, if not then I guess we have a fight on our hands to try and get a good result. We also have a lovely unique riverside property and love where we live. Our house is ok, our land is ok as well, we haven't had so much as a teaspoon of liquefaction and share a boundary with a 'green' property. Good luck to anyone in this situation, it really sucks!

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