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  • Speaker: If political parties were beer ..., in reply to bob daktari,

    Bob, you are such a fool if you believe women do not like beer. Beervana was held this past weekend in Wellington, attended by close to 50% women.

    As to the post - love that you assigned Emersons to the Greens. While they are owned by Lion, they still make some excellent beers - in fact one of their beers this weekend was my favourite at Beervana.

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  • Southerly: Tower Insurance Have Some Bad…,

    My heart just sank when I read about your experience with Tower. It is exactly what they did to us. We had a large slip 2 winters ago on our lifestyle block near Auckland. Our house was not damaged but the EQC said we had to move our house away from the pressure cracks. EQC paid a portion, but not enough to cover the cost of moving the house and rebuilding the bottom floor (concrete slab). Our Tower policy covered top up for land slips. But they argued that since there was no actual damage to the house and no “government official” told us to move the house, they were not required to pay top up. It took us two years of stress and BS plus lawyer fees to get even a small payment from them. All told, we are still without a portion of the house (my front door opens to a drop of 4 meters) and lost a significant amount of money in the process. Plus we are not allowed to talk about the agreement because “technically” they did not pay top up.
    I can strongly encourage everyone out there to not give Tower your money because they will screw you if they can.
    So sorry you are experiencing this.

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