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  • Hard News: Music Extra: "Is not a…,

    Thanks for that. As for the sound of Peru, I'm no expect but thoroughly recommend the Back to Peru comps as a starter.

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  • Hard News: Radio Punks: So many stories,

    The music and culture of Contact changed my life. For the better. It might have taken all three years of my degree to shake that country boy music conservatism and embrace the weird and wonderful sounds but when it kicked in the epiphany was so sweet. And the culture, man, even the accommodation guide - to know that the people who's house you'd check out would have it on 89... sweet.

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  • Random Play: The Pope, the Veitch, his…,

    Hello, I should bring to the table a couple of the better papal protest t-shirt slogans...

    For those not aware, the state government recently legislated that it would be an offence to 'annoy' pilgrims... to the cost of $5500!

    - The Pope touched me down under
    - My invisible friend is better than your invisible friend
    - Too many Christians, not enough lions – Randwick 2008

    PS. Sorry to hear of your bad Red Eye experience Graham, it's still a great store for getting the work of local artists...

    Cheers, Martin

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