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  • Hard News: The Political Lie, in reply to Heather Gaye,

    Here's the link where I first came across the meme.

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  • Hard News: The Political Lie,

    I'm an employed philosopher, but will venture a comment. There's a meme going around that often political statements are outside 'the reality business', and more a symbol of your tribe. When W was US President, a huge proportion of Democrats polled as believing that he knew about 9/11 in advance of it happening. But none of them took to the streets to complain about it. They didn't really believe it, but it was a badge of their tribe. I won't even trouble you with examples of Republican tribal statements, but let me venture that many of the spouters don't really believe in their statements either. Now, when we all go around parroting these tribal statements that we don't really believe, is it any wonder that the politicians start spouting convenient statements that are also outside reality?

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