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  • Hard News: Something up with Apple?,

    See that now MSN Music is going down the gurgler, Microsoft is recommending that people "back up" their old "play for sure" tracks to CD? For personal use only, of course. What is the point?

    Did I read on Slashdot that PFS tracks aren't compatable with the Zune??? What is the point indeed!

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  • Southerly: They don't make 'em like they…,

    Dr Who must be one of those shows that everyone knows in some form or another, wasn't there a 24hour Marathon on at some point? Some of those US shows stick out because they seemed to be on all the time. Greatest American heroes was one of those, and the Hulk.

    Fraggle Rock
    Terry Teo
    Under the Mountain
    One more for the Muppets...

    Telethon was awesome in my memory but it was in reality just an excuse to stay up all night!

    And aparently I used to LOVE Count Homogenised, but I can't remember it now, does anyone know of any images/clips online that I can reminisce to?

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  • What do you want them to play at your funeral?,

    So Many good'uns here
    for me it would have to be High Plains Drifter - Beastie Boys
    Another Travellin Song - Bright Eyes
    and Eric the half a Bee - Monty Python

    Keeps 'em guessing right?

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