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  • Polity: House-buying patterns in Auckland,

    rob, the one thing this post doesn't tell us is how you identified buyers as being ethnically chinese or indian. can you please specify the methodology for that, so that we can assess how robust (or not) it is? thanx.

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  • Hard News: Local interest,

    i withdrew my answers to the questionnaire, because i refused to commit to a pledge which didn't commit to social justice. i had a good look around their website & couldn't see the words "poverty" or "social justice" anywhere, and i need to be sure that the solutions they are looking at include measures which ensure that the cost of sustainability don't fall unfairly on those who are vulnerable. i also refused to send in answers to the questionnaire from the waikato environment centre for similar reasons: the framing of the questions didn't factor in poverty, disability issues, being a sole parent & other things.

    it's really a pity, because i do support so much of what these organisations stand for. but this seems to point to a real disconnect between environmental movements & social justice movements. or maybe it's just me, because plenty of other people answered the questions without having any such issues. i just felt i couldn't support organisations that didn't explicitly commit to social justice as part of their solutions to issues of sustainability.

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  • Hard News: The McCully Touch,

    "I agree - they are very much the old guard of the rugby/racing/beer NZ male stereotype."

    unfortunately not. i just had a brief conversation with a young man involved at top level club rugby, who supports mr haden's statements completely. if it were ok to extrapolate from a single example, i would have said haden's attitude is pervasive in the rugby culture of today.

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  • Island Life: That's my cab,

    very sorry that you won't be writing here anymore. also a big fan of your blog. twitter it is then...

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  • Hard News: That Buzzing Sound,

    emma, ashraf abstained on the prostitution reform, he voted in favour of civil unions. just for the record.

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  • Hard News: It's not OK to just make…,

    My position has long been that ALAC should run an ad showing men in a similar situation - walking home drunk, getting abducted or attacked. I'm sure it's not an impossibly rare situation.

    tame, too tame. given that some men who get drunk commit rape, they could try running an ad with the theme "don't get drunk, you might turn into a rapist", as has been suggested by someone over at the hand mirror. or given the impact of alcohol on domestic violence, they could try a "don't get drunk, you might go home and beat your kids" rather than the accidental injury one they've chosen. now those would be attention-grabbing, but i somehow suspect there would be a lot more opposition to them, and they wouldn't be winning awards in the way that the "lisa" ad has done...

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  • Island Life: See Waiheke before you die.,

    sorry david, going to have to call you on this one. the free travel for senior citizens does not cost much at all. it's very simple: in off-peak hours, the buses and ferries were all doing these routes anyway, only with empty seats. now the seats will be full, but all the routes are the same. yes, there may have been some senior citizens who would have used those routes and paid for it, but i'd say not that many. what you're actually seeing is people who would not have otherwise travelled, filling seats that would otherwise be empty. so unless there a whole lot more runs than they were prior to the policy coming in or no change in the numbers of senior citizens using the free fares, we have paid very little for this policy.

    the upside: it increases the mobility of our senior citizens, gets them out and about and feeling more positive. i'd say that what we save on health costs would be way, way more than what we pay for the loss of a small amount of paying fares.

    hope that made sense, don't have time to check over it...

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  • Hard News: Crash and Contempt,

    Seriously, buy some wheat, dairy, vegetable and even oil stocks, and get the hell outta Dodge.

    oh thanks, and push all our food and petrol prices even higher, causing more riots in developing countries and truckie strikes in developed ones. do you really want the revolution to start right now?

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  • Hard News: Now It's On,

    And what happens to the Rt Hon Winston Peters?

    parliament doesn't rise til 3 october. the committee is meeting next tuesday, i believe they are due to report to parliament on 23 sept (from something dr cullen said during question time this week). in any case, plenty of time for the process to be worked through.

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  • Hard News: Now It's On,

    damn good call on the election date mr. brown.

    <tips hat>

    yes, i thought it rough that some journalist questioned whether the standard had prior information, yet didn't mention your predictive powers...

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