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  • Hard News: What we learned yesterday…,

    A thoughtful, informative post, Russell. Thanks. One note:

    but Ontario is going for 19 – and, in an unpopular move, a state government monopoly on sales.

    It's worth noting that this is likely because the both the same age and sale restrictions currently apply to alcohol. The province controls, quite successfully, the sale of alcohol (with some minor exceptions) through its own province-owned outlets. It works pretty well, actually, and I would think poses quite a fine model for cannabis sales.

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  • Hard News: Fix up, young men, in reply to Deborah,

    Step up. Call out the behaviour whenever you see it.

    Absolutely. And from all accounts, the behaviour was overt and obvious to others. Those others, and yes, especially other men, if they didn't, should've spoken out. What a wake up call this is.

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  • Hard News: Fix up, young men, in reply to Russell Brown,

    And yet, that’s letting them win

    Yes, it most certainly is. Hence the sadness and anger I'm feeling over this.

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  • Hard News: Fix up, young men,

    Stick their photos up at the gate.

    That's a good idea, and a start. Zero tolerance (with real repercussions and consequences) in order to effect a culture change must be the way forward. Genuine question: did it/has it worked for football?

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  • Hard News: Fix up, young men,

    I'm truly shocked that this sort behaviour occurred; as much as was angry over the interview of Vinnell's harassers (you may have seen contriteness; I saw nothing of the sort).

    But what is the solution here? They, sadly, aren't going to stay away from these festivals. And if the otherwise decent crowd wasn't aware of what was going on, how can we expect the behaviour to be shut down by security or others when it occurs? I can understand Jean's distress - I genuinely am angry that her Courtney experience was ruined - and it's enough to put me off from these sorts of events, since I just can't see that sort of scenario being prevented or stopped in the future. Ugh.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Back to a…,

    And she and her Milk Records friends went even further recently when they performed Patti Smith’s Horses album for the Melbourne Festival.

    ZOMG that was absolutely terrific! Thanks for the link - it's a must watch! Courtney Barnett really has had quite the impact on the scene - she's just brilliant.

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  • Hard News: The Police Ten 7 State,

    I invite my fellow journalists, academics and other members of the public to join me in saying so in the discussion for this blog post. This cannot stand.

    Agreed. And I can't help but feel that this is ever so counterproductive from the Police's perspective. It might be naïve of me to think so, but they really ought to be embracing Dr Gilbert's work. He's someone they can - and should - work with to improve their processes. In any case, this decision reviewable by the Ombudsman: as it should be.

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  • Legal Beagle: Necessity: or the Sky is Falling,

    So I'm not convinced this was necessary.

    But that's not the test for urgency, is it? Otherwise the sky would be falling on a worryingly consistent basis, since it's increasingly being used as a default option (as detailed in the Urgency Project a few years back here). But despite all that, this really is quite an astonishing use of the mechanism; the safety justification even more so. Good post Graeme. Biggles should feature more in your writing.

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  • Hard News: Apple Music: Taking a dump on…,

    And so far, that’s the part it is getting right. It’s just the technical usability that’s borked.

    Yes. Exactly.

    Odd. I can do both via the "..." menu.

    But Apple, why on earth can I not add a playlist to a playlist folder? Why would I have to add a playlist to a playlist?

    Ah, that's handy - thanks. I still don't see what the difference is between radio and playlists is however, especially for the reason you identify. There isn't an Earthly reason why Apple would prevent adding a playlist to a playlist folder!

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  • Hard News: Apple Music: Taking a dump on…,

    Build some kind of persistence into Apple Music itself, like any other streaming service has. It's absurd that I can't easily revisit albums and playlists I've saved (or even listened to) within the service itself.


    The sheer size of the Apple Music library is its obvious strength, but boy is it difficult to make proper use of it. I actually really like the selections that are coming up in the Apple generated playlists (e.g. 'Inspired By: Artist X) in 'For You' and the Radio stations (e.g. Artist X Radio) but can't for the life of me see the difference between them, apart from the fact you can see what's coming up next in the playlist, but not the radio, even if it'll remember your place when you stopped listening to the latter. However, even though they are functional equivalents, they have very different features: you can see what you've listened to on the radio - and add tracks to your library - but can't add tracks from playlists or the playlists themselves to your library. Why?

    I agree that it's the insistence on trying to integrate it with the existing iTunes UI that's the problem - it really does need its own standalone setup. I like the depth, but its execution is totally undermining the potential of Apple Music at present.

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