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  • Hard News: Anzac Day II, in reply to EE,

    I've seen plenty of professional trained adult service people faint on parade. So it's probably a bit much to give the children grief for not being able to manage.

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  • Muse: What The Frig, Police?,

    After managing and working in bars in the CBD for the last few years I would say that many of the most troublesome and violent nights are those when "a certain group within society" goes out to watch rugby and avail themselves of the "many licensed outlets in CBD" afterwards, often causing "problems for the community."

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  • Muse: Hey Greg O'Connor, Krup You!,

    I'm not one to advocate reading the Herald but comments on the Herald's story about this sadly add some weight to O'Connors argument. There is a huge amount of comment saying how dare anyone swear at the police, they do a hard job, we need them to stop the country going to the dogs etc. Seems that over twenty years later people still honestly believe that N.W.A is going to turn the kids into cop hating deviants.

    It doesn't sound like this was serious social comentary by Tiki just an entertainer entertaining a crowd. Just like a standup comedian taking the piss out of people in the crowd for the entertainment of everyone else. The police officers were probably too young to have ever even heard of N.W.A and actually thought they were being personally attacked. But just because you have the power to arrest someone who offends you doesn't mean its a smart thing to do. Now it's such a big story it's hard for an organisation like the police to admit that it might have been a silly arrest to make and withdraw the charges.

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