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  • Hard News: Fly My Pretties Schwag!,

    So is Elinor confirmed as a muppet yet? I thought it was a pretty cool prize, and would definitely have entered, if not for the fact it was in Wellington...

    (for logistical reasons, such as flights and babysitters, not due to anything personal against Wellington, I must hasten to add!)

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  • Up Front: Fairy-Tale Autopsies, in reply to Andrew Stevenson,

    usually one of the regular contributors says what I was thinking, but in a far better manner then my posts can – and the thread has progressed by the time I finish typing my less adequate response

    As a lurker, that's almost exactly what I was going to say. In fact I had already typed the following, but was distracted by more pressing work:

    Ideas are seldom unique. Someone with similar views to me will express them, possibly more eloquently, and certainly with less effort on my part. The last part is key - once you enter a discussion, it seems a little rude not to respond to replies, and so I choose to enter into them only when I think I have something unique to contribute, or if I am particularly interested in it.

    So, somewhat ironically, my sentiment seems to apply to this very post. Might have to go back to lurking for a while :-)

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