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  • Hard News: Mega Strange,

    So it’s been accessed by the uploader only?

    Then Mr Slater either:
    * trusted his source about what the file was, and ran his story without bothering to check it actually was The Luminaries there, OR
    * uploaded it himself so didn’t need to check.

    The first is simply unbelievable. Isn’t it?
    Is there any other possibility?

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  • Hard News: The shaky ground of…,

    I cringe at psychometric testing with the full power of my psychology Masters degree. (This is one of the few things that qualification entitles me to do.)

    That said, I have come across (second hand) a recruitment consultant who uses psychometrics in a way that I can cautiously endorse - principally by making psychometrics subordinate to other evaluations and processes, rather than using them as an all-powerful oracle or as floating evidence that can rationalise any desired position. So there may be good, smart use of psychometrics out there. But I should note that this specific consultant seems _utterly exceptional_. (And to be honest, it's quite possible they'd still deliver most of the value without using psychometrics at all.)

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Record Store Day,

    Thanks for the kind words about my rambling essay. Your point in response is well-made. What I was reaching for with "Your online world is one you build around yourself" was how we choose the vast majority of the stuff that pops up on our screens, in contrast to the physical world where you have to wander past everything else to get to your destination. But social stuff of all kinds changes that, and it was a bit of an undercooked comment anyway, for all the other reasons you offer.

    Hey The Ruminator!

    Have the physical albums there, but then have some kind of vending machine so you can flick through album covers, then you can plug your MP3 player in and download the music.

    That's exactly what the big stores were doing in 2004/2005. It didn't save them, of course, and actually seemed to integrate really poorly with the rest of the scene. And with internet becoming ubiquitous now (wifi everywhere!) I'm not sure how a smaller store could pull it off...

    (I know someone who went through a phase of browsing bookshops in Wgtn, and when he saw something he liked, he ordered it on BookDepository on his phone right then and there for half the price.)

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  • Speaker: Dreams Do Come True,

    I, um, dunno that Ta Nehisi Coates shares your feeling that race wasn't part of this election. I found this essay to be quite powerful on this point.

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  • Hard News: Moving from frustration to disgust, in reply to Gareth Ward,

    At my harshest I suspect the PM and his “target NZer” want to identify the best school to send their kid too, not the best educational outcome for their child

    i.e., identify the best social capital, rather than the best education, for their child? Although it's a leap to say that's the motivation, it sure as hell makes sense of this rotten business. Because education is not a zero-sum game - but social capital is. Inequality is a bug if the goal is education, but a feature if the goal is social capital...

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  • Hard News: #BDOMemories,

    My favourite #BDOMemory was from '96, Tricky cutting off his set mid-song and stalking from stage A across to stage B where Rage Against The Machine's techs were doing soundchecks. He proceeded to chew them out something fierce, they disappeared backstage looking unnerved, Tricky stalked back to stage A, went back to the mic, the music kicked back in and we're off again.

    That was a great night on the main stages - I think it ran Shihad, Tricky, Rage, Porno for Pyros, Nick Cave.

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  • Hard News: Again: Is everyone okay?,

    Another link for the post: (web-based volunteer co-ordiination, just launched so no tasks yet listed)

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  • OnPoint: Election 2011: GO!,

    But what if the mum and dad investors are the debt of borrowing responsibly and fiscal into funding our future? And constructing our assets? And great opportunities the exchange rate overvalued. Mum and dad investors fiscally responsible. Unaffordable and debt. Holding the country back? And much-needed new life to the stock market. Low-risk investment creating competitive cities and. The disciplines of competition? And mum and dad investors. And mum and dad investors. AND MUM AND DAD INVESTORS.

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  • Hard News: Anatomy of a Shambles,

    Ben: even if nothing else good comes from this whole mess, we'll at least always benefit from your detergent-residue taste test. Thanks, MEAA/WB/Peter Jackson!

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  • Hard News: Anatomy of a Shambles,


    *Waits for Helen Kelly to answer Russell's questions*

    Kyle Matthews:

    That might take a while. The actors dispute isn't the only thing going on at present, there's these teachers as well, and in terms of media PAS is probably about 50th on the list.

    Yeah, I know. Really, it was a facetious comment about Helen showing back up to post a reply to someone else making a relatively minor point, while Russell's direct response to her comment (remember, she came here to reply/attack RB) went unanswered - even though it nails the guts of the problem.

    Helen Kelly certainly hasn't covered herself with glory over all this. The cookie cutter "standard union dispute" line just does not apply.

    And I rinse everything. And hand-dry glasses and sharp knives but leave the rest to air dry. It's the only way.

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