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  • Envirologue: The Agony of Vanuatu and…,

    Some commentary from our colleagues at the UK Science Media Centre about Cyclone Pam and the link to climate change

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  • Hard News: Paying for what doesn't come…,

    One of the things that a few journos have missed in the wake of Bernard's announcement is that it is a collaborative thing with the mainstream media, not a competitive thing - they shouldn't feel threatened. Bernard will never get the eyeballs Stuff or TVNZ get, so he'll need to partner with them, as Propublica and the Center for Public Integrity partner with mainstream news outlets. We had to overcome the same sort of resistance with the Science Media Centre - journalists thought we'd be competing with them. But we do everything in conjunction with the media and on a non-exclusive basis. This is growing the pie, not taking a slice from it.

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  • Hard News: The not-so-Evil Empire,

    totally agree - the article conflicted greatly with my experience of using the iPad for managing subscriptions. I subscribe to the New Yorker, Wired and Backstory in the iTunes library, to Rolling Stone and until recently Popular Mechanic via Zinio and get access to hundreds of newspapers via Press Display through their dedicated app.

    The main reason I've increasingly moved to Apple across desktop and tablet (though not laptop or phone yet) is the ease with which you can manage subscriptions to publications and apps. Zinio emails me when a subscription is about to expire and I get an email to inform me of every purchase I make from the App Store, so I think the level of notification is appropriate.

    Apple's terms and conditions do need scrutiny because the vast majority of users don't read them and click "I agree" and its collection of location-based info was akin to Facebook's Beacon fiasco. But the experience is far superior to anything else on the market and so far i haven't been ripped off, misled or disappointed about my subscription experience.

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