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  • Hard News: Occupy: Don't call it a protest,

    I like what Anne said better than Bernard, but that might be because I don't support an itemised list right now.

    "Although there has been wide-spread speculation over the Occupy movement’s true goals, Jones refused to confirm rumours Occupy Auckland wanted to secure the best seating to watch the game live." made me laugh legitimately, at any rate.

    Re the rumours - I turned up last night in Christchurch to watch The Corporation and it got postponed because we had to discuss the possibility instead. :( It was an important conversation though and we're voting on a proper plan tonight, which I'll miss but will catch up on tomorrow - from the discussion I'm pretty sure I won't be opposed to the consensus. I ended up on overnight security and it turned out the wind was the only thing we really had to deal with, though I was the only one awake for the couple of hours before dawn so even though we were pretty sure nothing would happen it was just slightly nerve-wracking with the "hmm, but what if..."

    Ben - they're not mutually beneficial.

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  • Hard News: About Arie, in reply to Stephen Judd,

    George, I wrote to her, and she replied saying she was appalled that anyone would think that. I replied asking what she did mean. I have not heard back.

    Same situation with my sister and me. We're discussing bringing it to the Herald's attention that she seems to be implying they may have misquoted her!

    We do have another long convoluted theory wherein she thinks that double bunking is in itself a punishment and since she was behind bringing it in in the first place would have strong reason to be in denial about the fact that it increases the risk of assault (both physical and sexual). It's somewhat weak though. The idea that she is actually unable to understand why people would read it the way we have seems rather farfetched.

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