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  • Hard News: Media3: Where is Broadcasting?,

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    The selling of Sky shares by Roseanne Meo's board was the tipping point. If that had not happened...we might be able to negotiate new solutions for a while longer.

    Now Sky is in a dominant position. It has Prime channel providing a fta spoiler for fresh content on other free to air channels. It can even say that it it has local kids channel (TVNZ24)! Yeah right! But only because users pay twice. Firstly from taxes which saw NZOA provide kids funding for fta channels. Secondly through pay television subscriptions to access the SAME local kids stuff behind the pay wall.

    In Europe pay services are either required to fund some local content (especially for kids), or they do so for urgent market reasons... They need to compete with entrenched public service broadcasters which provide local choice.

    But ultimately Sky must be worried about the big 5 globals with broadband access growing. It is hard for even big tiddlers in a global media sea.

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  • Muse: OPEN THREAD: Voices from Christchurch,

    Ruth Zanker from the New Zealand Broadcasting School here.
    Now have I time to read some posts... we are waiting to hear what happens to CPIT which is within the cordon.

    The weekend was busy in more physical shifting son from 'munted' flat on Fitzgerald avenue ...and cooking for others.

    All staff and students at Broadcasting School got out safely. Our students are now scattered back across the country. I am trying to reach as many as possible, as soon as possible. The server is currently down at CPIT.

    My son in Boston just skyped from yet another snow blizzard. He and I talk about the pictures on Scoop and The Press together (newsprint still feels best for me with my first cuppa). It makes him and me feel closer.

    Yet another glorious autumn Christchurch day beckons and teases us...Intoxicated bumble bees lumber around outside my window bumping into the ripe grape bunches.

    We mourn our graduates lost in the CTV building...Matt and Sam.

    Ruth Zanker note the email address is
    ...Cpit server is currently out. Will know more later today.

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