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  • Feed: My Life in Curry, in reply to peter payne,


    Yes the wonderful mural and the cozy booths have all gone from the Golden Curry. I made a special trip to it whilst in London, 2007. As you can see, it is now sterile. The food was really bad as well, nouvelle Indian, average execution.

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  • Hard News: The GCSB Bill: We at least…,

    Honestly I expected better of Nikki Kaye but I guess once at the cabinet table you’re fully committed to the party line.

    Her line for the need for the bill was based on immigration concerns that she was aware of but obviously couldn’t provide any meaningful details on.

    Given those seeking to emigrate to NZ are not citizens or residents I naively would have thought the current legislation would already allow the GCSB to provide any material information on applicants to immigration.

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  • Hard News: Party on, dudes,


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  • Hard News: The Social Retail,

    (drinking a glass of nipple hill pinot from the wine vault as i type)

    I find the Wine Vault a hit or miss affair.
    Though it's good have a shop like it 10 minutes walk away.
    (Dairy pricing)

    Requiring more planning is a trip to Fine Wine on Cook St.
    Ask for Chris the man is passionate, knowledgeable and bs free.
    (Super market pricing, wider selection, range of wines perm on tasting)

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  • Hard News: It's not OK to just make…,

    I'm reminded of Stephen Fry's comments on columns & columnists in his PODGRAM

    Well worth a listen.

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  • Southerly: England's Pleasant Pastures Seen,

    Cornwall-Orkney: 50°-59° N.

    Muckle Flugga!

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  • Speaker: Copyright Must Change,


    I'm not so sure the non-commercial issue is that clear cut.

    CC have a research project on the matter:

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  • Hard News: A bit tacky, no?,

    I find myself going totally Victor Meldrew at what TV3 are doing. They are a news organisation that should be seeking out and publicising as much information on candidates as a matter of course.

    Instead of getting off their arses and doing journalism - which might create a decent resource - they pull this, which will get a smattering of self serving 'pages' at best.

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  • Island Life: The Grouse is done to a…,

    Smoked mackerel pate on Shetland oatcakes, preferably whilst in Lerwick

    Salt cod fritters, preferably in South London

    +1 for fresh snapper, just pan fried

    just done scallops in a light curry sauce

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  • Hard News: Feeling Unserious,

    by crikey what a wonderful waste of time this thread is...



    brisbane dance music circa 1978

    if saints then clowns

    finally for the young man, who should rightfully ignore us all...4 octaves of vocal delight that puts breakin benje to shame...beefheart live on a beach

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