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  • Hard News: I'd just like to thank ...,

    "One thing that might not be apparent to TV viewers of the New Zealand Music Awards is that it's sometimes quite hard to follow what's going on from the tables on the show floor."

    Ah...that must have been why nobody was clapping when the Feelers won an award.

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  • Cracker: Every Time A Coconut,

    I was thinking of buying my high school aged son a macbook for xmas, an upgrade from his old mini-mac. I saw that apple has just bought out the new aluminium ones so figured the prices of the older black and white ones should be dropping. Usually I'd get something like this from trademe, but figured I'd check some shops.

    So yesterday I looked around and it was still a pretty standard $1699 for the cheapest 2.1 gig white macbook. Dick Smith were selling the new aluminium version but the guy there offered to see if they had any older versions left. He checked his computer and said they had a couple of white ones for $1699 but that there was also one demo model left which I could have for $1499. He needed to see whether it was still available and said he would call me. Ten minutes later he called me. Turned out the "demo" was in fact unopened but I could still have it for $1499. Sweet. Thanks Dick Smith, Featherston St, Wellington!

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  • Speaker: Memory Food,

    That sounds like a great trip. I'm hoping to do the same with my son, Keanu, (15) soon. His mother is Italian - a Carneavle from Naples (her family moved her when she was about 5). I love hanging out with her family, and there is always an abundance of lovely food!!

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  • Hard News: They don't make 'em like they…,

    Kinda. I tried plugging in a cable from my old Mac to the new one but I couldn't drag and drop them over. Isn't that why we buy Macs - everything can be done by either clicking or dragging and dropping?

    Sounds like you want to migrate you old files over. Do a search for the "migration assistant" on the new computer.

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