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  • Up Front: Why a Woman is Like a Bicycle,

    This debate takes me back to 1981 & the Springbok tour. I, female, was active on the front line as were other men & women. I was surprised and gratified to hear one burly hard-man, scars on scars, say he'd never faced such fear, violence & hatred in his life...and this was the closest he'd ever got to realising what women faced, often on a daily basis.

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  • Hard News: Drug Symposium day two: Māori…,

    Excellent and moving article, Russell.


    Māori had no use for intoxicants before European contact

    Is incorrect. The berries from the Tutu plant (Coraria) were pulped and juice separated from the toxic (tutin) seed and stalks. The juice was consumed fresh, but also when fermented into wine. This was a potent intoxicant from accounts recorded by pakeha.

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  • Speaker: Sprawled out, in reply to Moz,

    "We should get rid of the petty restrictions that stop people building on active volcanoes, I think."

    I couldn't agree with you less, Moz. Already the encroachment by housing onto the volcanic cones is too much.
    They are in great part what gives Auckland it's beauty.- green spaces to walk a dog, run the kids round,have a picnic, fly a kite- enjoy the views without a pricey trip up the tragedy that is the Sky tower (monument to Mammon).

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  • Hard News: Monday Music! Outrageously right,

    Sadly, I have found 'Westside' vapid, albeit with some good and underutilised actors.
    Last week's episode was a ripper though, due in huge part to the music you mention -the fragment of Beat Rhythm Fashion, the infectious glory of the Clean. Liked the footage splicing too- thanks for this and so much more, Merata Mita and those who care for her legacy.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Jean's Laneway,

    I love live music and finding/seeing beloved old & new bands, even if the multi band experience over many hours has become more of an endurance feat ( akin to playing contact sport) as I have got longer in the tooth. Reassuringly, there are always people much older than me at every gig, amongst the sea of young'uns.

    Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings played the divine St James theatre years ago. They were sly, funny, amazing. Their singing and guitar playing was so complimentary.

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  • Hard News: The Boom Crash, in reply to Chris Waugh,

    No, no, no, you want to encourage people to go south, otherwise Northland will fill up with economic refugees from Auckland and all that goodness you talk about will be gone. Then where are you going to go?

    Loathe as I am to overpopulate our beautiful beaches, there are pragmatic reasons to encourage some permant population growth.
    Our ambulance and fire brigade are staffed by volunteers. Many young people have left for Australia, taking their trade expertise with them.

    Houses that could be filled with young families are holiday homes for Aucklanders, generally nice folk who contribute a little to the local economy via cafes and galleries but form only a peripheral part of the community.

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  • Hard News: The Boom Crash,

    Go North, people. Good people and communities, beaches, kai moana.
    I have watched our QV's decline by 20% over the last 3 years (but not the rates, alas).
    You can still buy a piece of land and a house for under 200K in some places, or a church for $105K in others.
    You will find interesting articulate individuals and groups, biculturalism in action.

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  • Feed: Meals for Me,

    Tofu and lots of greens, ginger and garlic. Delicious yet oddly unpopular. Lentils get bad press too, but they taste great, as do chickpeas done many ways.
    Simple clean food.
    Mussels are divine too, surprising how many people loathe them.

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  • Notes & Queries: Little CD in a Prospect…, in reply to David Herkt,

    Music and dancing get directly to the soul. Those are great lasting memories you have, David- and intimate to your friendship. Lucky stuff.

    My (equally young) girlfriend and I used to hitch up from Wellington to dance til the morning at Zwines when I wor a nipper.

    So great that AK79 captures the energy of those days. An encapsulation of enthusiasm and exuberance.

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  • Notes & Queries: Little CD in a Prospect…,

    Condolences, David. Having had a few friends kill themselves now, I find suicide awfully sad more than anything, And yes, how someone does it makes a difference. I feel much better about the terminally ill friend that upped his morphine dose than the depressed mate who hung himself. Brutal.

    DHC's piece was patronising and unwise, but there was some truth to the effects for women on their ageing and sense of self. A bit of exposure to feminists who accept the changes in their bodies might help.

    I loved the piece on CD dancing to AK79....

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