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  • Speaker: TPP: This is a fight worth joining,

    This response from an American activist organisation on the TPPA which affects Americans:
    start watching at 25.11 for the TPPA 'take action' comments, although the whole piece is worth listening to - Monsanto (there is an anti-Monsanto March tomorrow at Aotea at 2pm), Nestle stealing water and paying nothing, a low wage study re Walmart which proves a living wage does not affect consumers -

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  • Speaker: TPP: This is a fight worth joining,

    I'm interested to know where the Price Waterhouse Coopers wage and manufacturing report sits in regard to the TPPA. It certainly proves the point that low wages are always the major link to where manufacturers tend to set up shop and it certainly puts the lie to New Zealand wages increasing at some stage without government influence.

    There is talk of American interests reshoring in America because of the wages in emerging economies increasing and therefore reducing the need for multinationals to go off shore.

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  • Hard News: Dropping the Bomber, in reply to Danielle,

    No you're quite sane!

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  • Hard News: Because it's about time we…,

    No competition; didn't Starbucks destroy that?

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  • Random Play: Now, see hear . . .,

    Russell Brown, since you sparked my interest in the Uffizi Gallery, under false pretences, (I'm going there soon) I can stretch the thread even further by asking you why, as technological guru blogger extraordinaire, there isn't a wireless head phone that you can remove from a landline base while you wander around the house, doing whatever and talking - I do a lot of talking and get neck ache from clutching the large receiver of the landline between my neck and my shoulder while I prepare the dinner.

    I've been to Dick Smiths and Harvey Norman who know of nothing. 'Harvey' told me that if I took the mobile handhold put it in my pocket, plugged a head phone into it, I could achieve mobility and communication.

    But, I said to him, why can't all that be set into the head part which would resemble a hairband with a mouthpiece like XBox live, Skype with no extras to carry? He said the battery would be too big. Batteries can be tiny. I don't get that reply. Why hasn't my dream technology been invented, Russell.

    Are you there???

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  • Random Play: Hi-ho hi-ho it's off to…,

    Sam F
    I see another creature who likes big words. Would you mind finding your own.

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  • Random Play: Hi-ho hi-ho it's off to…,

    Another new side to Holmes. Not only is he a rabid NAct supporter but he is a keen advocate of domestic violence towards women as well.

    That explains a lot about his behaviour towards Helen Clark, his simpering attitude towards Key and then his attack on Helen Clark on the Q and A NAct show. He's unprofessional and nasty.

    He gives some men yet another excuse for bad behaviour. Really it is lack of self control on Veitch's part and the inherent belief that women are less than men. Even Clark's visible refutation of that myth does not seem to have filtered through the archetypal mists of time to reach the brains of many NZ men. They voted National.

    Holmes, like Paul Henry, is a stooge placed by National for brainwashing the public. If you want rid of these stooges, you have to be prepared to do more, legally, than just moan.

    Holmes and Henry (sounds like Burke and Hare, Jekyll and Hide, Key and Douglas, Hitler and Himmler...) are shutting down, with the help of the political right, the privilege of truth and unbiased, objective dissemination of information. Mis-information, lack of information, shutting down of democratic public discussion - the electoral finance bill was an attempt to shut down money buying elections; the National government is a successful under the radar attack on actual freedom of speech re Auckland Governance - is what National does.

    New Zealand is facing a reduced respect throughout the world thanks to National. The UN, whether one agrees with the power it may or may not wield, is another tool to promote communication. This government believes in physical resolution to everything and is hell-bent on inviting war to New Zealand and NZers. It is sucking in its youth by bribery (paying Uni fees) to use as cannon fodder.

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  • Hard News: Onwards and upwards,

    Helen Clark - brilliant choice. She will be effective. Why doesn't Cullen accompany her? They made a great team; she has a budget and they would both care about the people and projects it will be spent on. Great ideas man.

    I’ve watched Helen Clark since she started her Breakfast appearances and Paul Henry, later. Not once did he ever get the better of Helen Clark. For that reason alone he hates her.

    Paul Henry - didn't he get an award recently? What for, a job well done in bad mouthing Helen Clark and Labour and the new young Labour MPs 2008/2009? I noticed they were interviewed by Alison Mau today. Henry also said he ‘didn't manipulate the viewers only the management’. He does both.

    His behaviour worsened steadily nearer to the general elections, his need to ingratiate himself with the National party, of which he failed to become an MP way back.

    TVNZ is becoming known for its biased attitude towards anyone remotely socialist and also a safe harbour for Henry’s verbal attacks on women, re the photograph of Oprah Winfrey, and the Greenpeace woman, e.g. Who is powerful enough to keep him there even though the complaints are increasing against him?

    Now we have past/his/use/by/date Paul Holmes, denigrating only the left in the first sentences spoken on the new Q /A on Sunday.

    The only way to deal with Henry/TVNZ is legally.

    I have switched over to Sunrise, full of interesting people; good debates between Trotter and Hooten; Linda Clark on Key, brilliant stuff.

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  • Busytown: No news is good news,

    That's the trouble with the internet blogs versus print newspaper; internet waffle abounds.

    Print newspaper you should be able to trust but there's just waffle in them because the major newspapers have been brought and paid for by the extreme right.

    You may be surprised how few people actually look at important issues, especially on the internet or in blogs. It will improve but not quickly enough.

    All we need is an A3 4 page daily newspaper.

    There could be several individual daily papers - a political newspaper as below, a sports newspaper, an employers' newspaper, an employees' newspaper - endless opportunities. You pay for what you want. (Much like under this government you will be charged for every km you travel on the road, which is why this government is so keen to permanently disable any vision for a 21st century KiwiRail.)

    Daily Contents for a political newspaper: let me see,

    Front page Parliament picture of all MPs present, with apple-shaped speech bubbles on their heads giving their contribution.

    Pages 2,3,6,7 filled with fact articles, not misinformation.

    Middle page 4 Jobs section and page 5 would be a non-sue letters page on a first in gets printed, not an editor cherry picking for her/his own political agenda.

    Page 8 - the weather, the current status of NZ companies' profits and layoffs and the foreign investment companies' profits, layoffs infrastructural improvements and money exported overseas.

    Price - 50c a copy if that stacked up against the expenses.

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  • Hard News: Get yer avatars out,

    Sent an email to apologise for not making it on Saturday night,having RSVP'd, but discovered later that the email had been returned. Hope no one missed out on my account.

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