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  • Hard News: Ideology for Evidence,

    It's not the good burghers of Public Address who need protection from unscrupulous employers, given that the average PASer appears to be intelligent, skilled, eloquent, and generally able to approach an employment relationship from a position of power.

    I'm reminded of a question I asked Wayne Mapp in 2005, when he came to Waikato University to campaign for National.

    In reply to a question about National's proposed 90 Day probationary period, he stated that he had worked in the UK where they had such a law and that he had encountered no abuses at all.

    Of course, I was curious to know if he had been working at the time in a cafe, restaurant, hotel, retail store, building site, service station...

    He replied that he had been a faculty member at a university, which drew a hearty round of boos and derision.

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  • Hard News: Feeling Unserious,

    the trons, of Hamiltron, city of the future.

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  • Hard News: Bob each way,

    Is it just me or is "the Kiwi way" just "mainstream New Zealanders" recycled?

    Also, John Key would seem a little more sincere if he would acknowledge the 1990s National Party's role in getting us to where we are in terms of social welfare and income inequity.

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  • Hard News: In other news, the sky is falling,

    Kiwiblog? worthwhile read? I'm not so sure. I've actually made the rare gesture of removing kiwiblog from my RSS feed.

    DPF is an interesting and informative writer when he wants to be, but the majority of what he does is akin to loudly reading newspaper articles out loud. He just links to stories from APN/ Fairfax/ Scoop and then offers a talkback style misreading of them, practically begging shitheads like Fred and Redbaiter (real or not) to come along and get their wail on.

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