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    Hi my friend ! I signed the petition today to hopefully get rid of Lee Williams the White Supremacist Racist from the work force.

    Hope we can get 5000 signatures by the end of the day.

    Regards to you.

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  • Speaker: New Zealand’s far-right hate…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Lee Williams and Kyle Chapman are utter White Supremacists and racists of the highest order.
    Well your experiences are yours and mine is mine.
    Both are scum.

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    Hello ! A very patronising post from a Carl Bromley to a Byron Clark. Even came across as quite arrogant

    And I thought it would have been self evident that Lee Williams ( Cross the Rubicon you-tube channel ) was a White Supremacist and an obvious racist. Do these White Supremacy channels have moderates. Obviously not. The comments left on these channels are very disturbing. So very anti Maori and anything related to Maori. It appears that Mr. Bromley is justifying his or as it appears his on going love affair with Williams.

    I saw today that Williams has deleted his satirical or should I say hateful videos of the said Maori MP. And his work place apparently been notified of the filth and racism coming out of this man’s mouth. When word gets around and his colleagues get wind of this, would he not be embarrassed. Perhaps racism and hatred is part of his psyche and his narcissism. Good luck to Bromley if he wants to hang around scum.

    Why should Byron have to meet this drop dead loose unit for. He is not normal. An immigrant putting our country down incessantly. Ungrateful sod. I am not against meeting anyone, but he would be the last person on earth I would like to meet.

    Correct you in saying Lee Williams is aggressive and a nasty piece of work.
    I can assure you Mr Bromley that the Paparoa group and many others will be keeping a very close eye on Lee Williams. A very very big mistake to make fun of the Maori MPs, the culture, the language, mimicking words, saying bro bro, the moko, haka and a lot,of things.

    Enough is enough. We kiwis and Maoris will stand up to him.

    Unsure how his own family put up with his behaviour. Let’s hope Lee Williams comes to his senses and integrates into the values of Aotearoa. The chances seem zero of that happening sadly.


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    Getting harder and harder to get Accident Compensation these days.

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