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  • Speaker: New Zealand’s far-right hate…, in reply to Carl Bromley,

    Hi Carl,

    I’ll go through this point by point to try and avoid a comment longer than the actual article.

    “Personally my view is the right to criticize any person, religion, ideology, political party or policy, science or ideas ought to be entrenched in the law if our nation.

    Would you agree Byron?”

    As you’re probably aware the Bill of Rights Act states “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.” I’m in favour of that remaining “entrenched in the law” as you put it.

    “I am concerned that you appear obsessed with [im]plicating Lee Williams with the atrocities of March 15 2019, and infer [re]sponsibility toward him for it.”

    That’s your interpretation of my words rather than what I have said. I think it’s highly unlikely that the Christchurch shooter saw one of Lee’s videos, though we know he was radicalised by content on YouTube, Lee believes many of the same things the shooter did, but I don’t believe he had anything to do with the events of March 15 2019, unless the police knew something I don’t, cordoning off his street and sending armed officers to his house was probably overkill

    “You take his comment for people to stand up and do there bit dangerously out on context in my view, both in this article and your video from Auckland where you spoke.”

    Tell me this Carl, what is the right context to claim that Muslim’s are trying to out-breed Westerners and telling your audience to do their bit to “save your country from islamisation”?

    “This in my view looks purposeful and is incredibly irresponsible in my opinion.”

    The key words in that sentence are “in my view”

    “It looks like you are purposefully seeking to incite and provoke a response from the public that could potentially be harmful.”

    Yet you don’t believe it’s irresponsible of Lee to promote the far-right conspiracy about the the UN Migration Compact started by Martin Sellner, a man the Christchurch shooter donated to? or to promote the Great Replacement conspiracy that the shooter named his manifesto after?

    “Ironically it appears your behaviour is of the very elk that your infer Lee guilty of ie. Inciting and provocation with who knows what intent.”

    See above

    “I am documenting you videos and statements as evidence of incitement should anything untoward happen to Lee or any person you are implicating with your rhetoric.”

    No one is stopping you

    On a personal note, would you please identifify the ledged “hosts of numerous articles” that are alledgedly “anti Muslim” apparently linked to my social media blog.”

    I provide a citation in the text with a hyperlink to a Stuff article, I consider Stuff a reputable publication. I understand that you probably don’t (I’ve seen your video claiming all New Zealand journalists are “cultural Marxists”) but either way your qualm is with Stuff if you believe they have made an incorrect statement

    “Just for the record, i love people of all faiths or non-faiths, and i do opey disagree with a number of Islamic teachings, as Muslims opey disagree with many Christian teachings i hold.

    However, Muslims and I would agree on many issues.

    I have supported Muslims in their pain of particular issues over the years and am disposed to do so in the future.

    Love transcends differences in belief Byron; and as Adults its possible to distinquish viewpoint from a value and love of a soul.

    I love people regardless of view point, faith or not.

    I even love people who hate me ( you might be one of those haters Byron, that i still love. You certainly do not convey love for your fellow man who hold different political views from yourself).”

    Do you believe Lee Williams conveys love for his fellow man who holds different political views from himself? This is someone who in the past has allowed my home address to be shared on his YouTube channel which resulted in numerous threats from his followers, he routinely uses school yard bullying style insults, he responded to this article by calling me a girly man or something like that, he has childish nicknames for journalists he doesn’t like e.g. “Paddy Goldenshower” it’s hard to take your statement seriously when you associate with this man

    “The nature and power of the love of Jesus whom i love and follow provides an ability to “love your enemies”, a commandment Jesus gives his followers.

    Do you love your enemies Byron?”

    I don’t love my “enemies” and don’t hate them either, I actually feel sorry for Lee, the fact he stopped speaking to his brother because his brother said he’d be OK with his daughter marrying a Muslim man is genuinely sad, that he would allow his relationship with a family member to be compromised by his hatred for Muslims is tragic. Likewise I feel bad for Carol knowing her grandchildren are embarrassed by her.

    “Lastly, would you kindly define what YOU mean by “far right”.

    It seems to be a ad hominem term loosely bandied around to discredit, demean, and villinise any who have a alternate view.”

    You must not be doing a good a job at “documenting” my videos as you think as I’ve covered this before (
    The Merriam Webster directory definition of “the group of people who’s views are the most conservative” should be uncontroversial. Lee and yourself both supported the New Conservatives last year and now have your own microparty because the mainstream right-wing parties are not conservative enough for you. It only “villainies” you if lack the conviction of your beliefs and think being the most conservative makes you a villain

    “I know Lee Williams well, i know Kyle Chapman well, and the picture you paint and how you portray and villify these people is very different, and warped from what i personally experience.”

    Yes, you’re experience of Lee Williams is very different from mine- he has never hosted your private address allowing people to threaten you at your home, which he has done to me, he has never accused you of being part of nefarious plot to take over the Western world, which he he has accused every Muslim immigrant of. All I’ve said about Kyle Chapman in this article is that he is a former National Front leader so I don’t know what picture you think I’m painting, are you disputing the fact that he led that National Front?

    “I know Lee has even personally offered to sit down with you for coffee, i believe on more than one occasion, and still would. Would you?”

    No, I would not. When Lee first invited me to meet up I quoted the letter Bertrand Russell sent to Oswald Mosley when the latter requested they meet “I feel obliged to say that the emotional universes we inhabit are so distinct, and in deepest ways opposed, that nothing fruitful or sincere could ever emerge from association between us. I should like you to understand the intensity of this conviction on my part. It is not out of any attempt to be rude that I say this but because of all that I value in human experience and human achievement.”

    I think discussion between people with opposing views can be fruitful, but what Lee and I have is not so much opposing views but opposing ideas of reality. Lee believes that the United Nations is run by an “unholy alliance” of “radical Islam” and “cultural Marxists” who have a plan to emasculate white men to allow non-whites to invade and subjugate the West. That’s just completely ludicrous.

    “Do you not wish for peace?”

    Yes. I also wish for justice- a mass grave is a very peaceful place, but that’s not the kind of peaceful outcome I want. I’m not sure if you’ve seen my videos about the inspiration the Christchurch shooter took from the perpetrators of the Bosnian genocide, I look at how anti-Muslim rhetoric (not dissimilar from the things Lee says in his videos) helped lead to the largest mass murder in Europe since the holocaust. We’ve seen the outcome of hate spreading unchallenged, even before the shooting here.

    Why would you not sit down as adults and talk?”

    I’ve addressed before why I won’t give views like the ones Lee expresses legitimacy by treating them as if they are worthy of debate:

    “Id be happy to meet also.

    What would stop you?”

    No thanks. For pretty much the same reasons I won’t meet with Lee, not to mention that I don’t owe you my time and attention just because I’ve criticised things you and your mates have said.

    “Remember Byron, your socks stink too mate. You are far from perfect, and so am I. We are all human mate.”

    I’ve never said I’m flawless, but I’m pleased to be able to say I’ve never promoted the same conspiracy theories that were referenced in a mass shooters manifesto.

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