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  • Speaker: New Zealand’s far-right hate…,

    Hi Byron.

    Thank you for a thorough reply.

    Dont get me wrong, your time or presense is not somthing i think you 'owe' me nor your 'attention' somthing i covet. That's pretty narcissistic dont you think?

    My value and love for you as a soul is because your are special lndeed; Christ died for your sin, but your not more extra special than anyone else; his blood was shed for you, me, Lee and every other person a like.

    The invitation is sincere and open anytime Byron, i do not feel either flattered nor deflated by choice to accept or reject a genuine extention of good will. Communication and relationship resolve issues; lack thereof of fuel conflict.

    Maybe you arevactually peace aversive and enjoy the conflict?

    Remember, two wrongs nevet make a right and while you do the very things you accuse Lee of, you are not a better man for it. You are more subtle; Lee, like you and i is transparent.

    I see you like to hide behind sophistry like your quote from Bertrand Russel.

    It does in many cases provide a noble cover for cowardice in my view and feigns a heart that really does not seek real peace among his fellow man. Sad in my opinion. What kind of world does that aspire too?

    Just curious on the 'Religious ideological' & nonoffence intended to anyone,

    a) have you read the entire Quran?

    b) is there anything in the Quran at all you would have an issue with in practice?

    I have studied (not just read) the entires book, and i do have issues with a number of its teachings as Muslims also have issues with a number of New Testament teachings. Yet i still love Muslim people to be clear, as a different view point does not negate love (at least the love i know in Christ).

    Your accusations against concerns that worry some seem to expose a significant naievity Byron.

    Your a young man and I'll probably be dead in 20yrs or so, maybe sooner or later, but I wonder where you will be at and how happy you will be with the world that you are so passionate about seeing established in New Zealand - Aotearoa then?

    I think your naievity will one day haunt you.

    "Wisdom is justitified of her children".

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  • Speaker: New Zealand’s far-right hate…,

    Hi Byron.

    Carl Bromley here.

    Great to see you are exercising your right to free speech!

    May NZ protect that right for all, and not just for those with a particular political bent.

    Personally my view is the right to criticize any person, religion, ideology, political party or policy, science or ideas ought to be entrenched in the law if our nation.

    Would you agree Byron?

    Regarding your article, I am concerned that you appear obsessed with plicating Lee Williams with the atrocities of March 15 2019, and infer sponsibility toward him for it.

    You take his comment for people to stand up and do there bit dangerously out on context in my view, both in this article and your video from Auckland where you spoke.

    This in my view looks purposeful and is incredibly irresponsible in my opinion.

    It looks like you are purposefully seeking to incite and provoke a response from the public that could potentially be harmful.

    Ironically it appears your behaviour is of the very elk that your infer Lee guilty of ie. Inciting and provocation with who knows what intent.

    I am documenting you videos and statements as evidence of incitement should anything untoward happen to Lee or any person you are implicating with your rhetoric.

    On a personal note, would you please identifify the ledged "hosts of numerous articles" that are alledgedly "anti Muslim" apparently linked to my social media blog.

    Just for the record, i love people of all faiths or non-faiths, and i do opey disagree with a number of Islamic teachings, as Muslims opey disagree with many Christian teachings i hold.

    However, Muslims and I would agree on many issues.

    I have supported Muslims in their pain of particular issues over the years and am disposed to do so in the future.

    Love transcends differences in belief Byron; and as Adults its possible to distinquish viewpoint from a value and love of a soul.

    I love people regardless of view point, faith or not.

    I even love people who hate me ( you might be one of those haters Byron, that i still love. You certainly do not convey love for your fellow man who hold different political views from yourself).

    The nature and power of the love of Jesus whom i love and follow provides an ability to "love your enemies", a commandment Jesus gives his followers.

    Do you love your enemies Byron?

    Lastly, would you kindly define what YOU mean by "far right".

    It seems to be a ad hominem term loosely bandied around to discredit, demean, and villinise any who have a alternate view.

    I know Lee Williams well, i know Kyle Chapman well, and the picture you paint and how you portray and villify these people is very different, and warped from what i personally experience.

    I know Lee has even personally offered to sit down with you for coffee, i believe on more than one occasion, and still would. Would you?

    Do you not wish for peace?

    Why would you not sit down as adults and talk?

    Id be happy to meet also.

    What would stop you?

    Remember Byron, your socks stink too mate. You are far from perfect, and so am I. We are all human mate.

    Awaiting your response.


    Carl Bromley.

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