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  • Hard News: An unhelpful column about cannabis,

    I'm hoping for some good, science and research based information from both sides. Both my brothers (decades apart in age, related to me but not to each other) developed episodes of psychosis through cannabis use. The effect on their life has been severe. One developed schizophrenia, the other is bipolar with regular episodes of psychosis. Both were intelligent young men full of spark. Now they bear the weight of the side effects of lithium, their brains altered for the long term.

    My knee jerk reaction is to make it is difficult as possible for young people to access cannabis. But also I appreciate that both my brothers accessed it freely while illegal. I suppose what I really want for cannabis is what I want for alcohol - a policy that is 100% focused on minimising harm. Intuitively, making it legal makes that goal easier to achieve. But I am also afraid that cannabis use will become normalised around young people the way alcohol has - especially with parents consuming at home (I could also tell some stories about growing up with a spaced out, increasingly paranoid mother!)

    I'm hopeful that between now and the election we are offered up better than that column, but also more than cannabis good/gangs bad from the other side.

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