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    There is an important difference between the way NZDF and the Horizon poll use the word controls.
    Horizon are using 'controls' as a noun as in "Here are some regulatory controls (rules) for cannabis".
    NZDF say control (verb - action word) as in "We will control cannabis"

    Using the verb 'control' is not as useful as it will never be possible to 'control' a plant which grows as easily as cannabis does. We can't even 'control' pine trees!
    However, it is correct to talk about 'controls' in reference to the referendum, as (of course) the legislation is full of regulatory controls.

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    Thanks, Russell. It's good to get a bit of cannabis referendum news out there.
    Just to add to the discussion about how the campaign is going, Make It Legal have pulled their campaign on-line during lock-down, but managed to get banners sent out just beforehand. These have been arriving at supporter’s homes and installed on fences nationwide.
    Because we have no funding for advertising we rely on our army of supporters to provide free locations to promote the campaign.
    However, landlords have been telling supporters to take the banners down or risk their tenancies. These landlords are not claiming damage to the fences – but stating that they do not support cannabis law reform and therefore do not want one of their properties to be showing support.
    Effectively, an older property owning group (who oppose cannabis law reform) are using their power over younger tenants to suppress public support for the legal regulation of cannabis.
    And in case you are wondering, our banners are respectable and professional.

    It's quite a feat to change the campaign so significantly after two years of build up, and we are still feeling our way with a social media campaign, but support for legal regulation is growing and we are confident of a (close) win.

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