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    If you were like me and have groups and individuals repeatedly growing dope on your property you would welcome the police blitz. When a fire went through part of my land 11 weed growing areas showed up. Its very unsettling to think that people are getting around on your property doing illegal things. I was curious about the plane and helicopter but it was not troubling. There are far more serious things for Piha to worry abt than a very occasional raid. I have seen people I know well turn into zoned out zombies on weed. It is not harmless. I really think the current stuff about medicinal marijuana is for some people a smokescreen for access for recreational use. Already the big business money-makers are hovering. I have no problem with legalisation of medicinal use, but many want a lot more than that.and it will bring a whole new set of problems related to young people, harm and yet another route to addiction.

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