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    As a former drug user, i can confirm that drug use and dealing has been going on at the Imperial apartments on Hobson Street for at least the last two decades. The building is well known amongst the drug using community. I do not understand how Housing New Zealand could prove that any contamination was caused by Jesse B or how he could be deemed legally responsible for the cost of the clean up when drug use has been prevalent on that site since Jesse would have been a toddler.

    As a current registered alcohol and drug practitioner working for an NGO i can advise that any disclosure to Housing NZ with regards to client engagement would be considered an enormous breach of client confidentiality. In order for that information to be released to HNZ Jesse would have had to sign a consent to release information. I am struggling to believe the WDHB would have disclosed Jesse's information to HNZ without his consent. Clients often consent to information being disclosed to WINZ in order for treatment to be paid directly from a WINZ benefit or to other financial institutions in order to have loan repayment holidays. I am inclined to be more skeptical of WINZ.

    If no consent was given Jesse has grounds for a breach of confidentiality complaint. A complaint can be made through DAPAANZ.

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