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    Pike River, Christchurch EQC, Waitangi/Iwi Settlements, Selling off of NZ assets, immigration and housing issues, mistreatment of peoples in Elder care facilities, declining education/charter schools, offshore political and employment negotiations, health & disability care provision,......infrastructure.....State Care abuse, our people and everything that pertains to their health & wellbeing - not selling off our assets and tendering out and selling off our our leadership and governance to foreign parties with the best offer and gain to those who do not have an inherent right to our land, governance or right to direct our elected administers to govern of this land...NZ our heritage and history. Nor do they have the right to determine what OIA information we can or cant access...but its a hell of a mammoth journey to take them thru every court and process to get them to honor our rights and legal systems and Acts they have sworn to honor, uphold and maintain. Who would ever have imagined....lil old NZ would be victimised and denied their humanity by a marginal portion of very powerful wealth, greed and unauthorised international agreements, contracts....

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    Hmmmmm.....2012.....well thats because the Govt was busy planning how to further rort, deny and honor the 2 x High Court Rulings and 1 x Court of Appeal ruling to the family carers cases of discrimination by the MOH. MOH reacted by changing legislation over night, without public consultation or correct legal protocol...and ever since, willy nilly National...just carried on making changes/amendments without public consultations or even knowledge in some cases...and sadly not enough people of NZ (the public)...demanded explanation, investigation etc...and not all the fault of poor public enquiry/interest...more because of the sneaky, deceiptful, secretive modus operandi under John Key's reign. Most folks have been baffled & utterly blindsided buy such outrageous media focus on 'changing the flag', $36,000,000 on cycleways the length of NZ for tourism, petrol crisis pipe disaster marsden point, etc....that they had no idea the affect of these illegally authorised changes of legislation and amendments to Acts were going ahead without public consent let alone belief that our Governors of this Nation, would utilise their power to rort the people of their rights and control of their hard earned, dutifully paid, tax payer funds. Good 'ol' kiwi nature of trust...completely and deceiptfully breached. Finally the questions are being asked, finally extremely long winded court battles against our Public Service Providers, which the plaintiffs have agonisingly dragged their way thru the extremely deceptive and impossible paths, those who had absolutely faced the shock and terror of realising, the reality that they/us, actually must enforce our rights to humanity to be honored because the rights to civil and political inclusion, had deliberately been denied, tampered with and completely misconstrued - and thats because we have been utterly victimised and overwhelmed due to lack of greater public understanding, support and inclusion. I have fought unbelievably, on behalf of the future wellbeing of all NZ's....for more than a decade...and a handful of other Kiwi's have been doing the same...and the battle is far from over, but at least now masses of the citizens of NZ are starting to ask the questions and demand the governments acknowledge and act on behalf of our people. Winebox Enquiry....John Key...ring a ding ding!!!

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