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    About The Dunedin Sound article. First, thanks to Francisco Blaha for the translation of the article. Second: The crocodrile "issue". I can say that it was a "poetic license" but not, it was a mistake. It came from a memory of my childhood, that was mistaken. I realized about the mistake after it was published. Russell Brown wrote that I don´t know a shit from New Zeland and of course he´s right. The truth is that when I knew that Peru had to play with New Zeland, I asked myself what I know from New Zeland? The Clean, Tall Dwarfs, The Verlaines, The Bats and of course Crowded House (everybody borned in the eighties knows them, but writing about Crowded House goes againts "my religion beliefs"). I´ve been reading and listening to the Dunedin sound for the last year so the soccer game was a good oportunity to let know about it in Peru. Im not a writer, Im not a journalist. It was the first time that I published something in a newspaper. I just like music. Apologyze again for my mistake (although i may say that even if its not true, i still think is a good metaphore to describe the Dunedin sound) and for my english, it´s been years since the last time i wrote something in english. Long live to rock and roll.

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