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  • Access: Disability abuse: it’s not OK,

    One of the biggest problems with reporting Disability Abuse is that either the victim is not believed or made out to be the Abuser , so double victimised , Myself and several other disabled people have been told when contacting the It's not OK people that we are blaming others for our own problems , so in these cases the helpline people are no better than the Abusers the disabled person is calling them about , a lot of people who tried to use the Its not OK line , felt the reaction they received made them worse than not complaining at all , so to many of is it seems its the same old same old , why complain , disability abuse is so normalised , and social attitudes are such that we the disabled are not abused we just have a chip on our shoulder and when your a disabled parent and the abuser is also abusing your child and no one believes you it makes you as a parent feel trapped and worthless .

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