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  • Hard News: Barclay and arrogance,

    But this story does also demonstrate the limitations of relying on Gallery staff for political reporting. It was the Otago Daily Times reporter Eileen Goodwin (working in cooperation with the Herald's David Fisher) who broke the story of Barclay's refusal to cooperate with police more than a year ago, and Goodwin who revealed that the "employment matter" involved a clandestine recording.

    I agree and know for a fact that many gallery journo's are very embedded with MPs to the point of going to BBQ's at their house and going for regular nights out. I know this might be "just how it is", but how can you hold these people to account if something like this happens?

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  • Speaker: The Brexlection, in reply to Nick Russell,

    I think if Blair hadn't followed blindly into Iraq, his legacy may be quite different.

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  • Speaker: The Brexlection,

    Then there’s Northern Ireland, who haven’t got a power-sharing agreement at Stormont following the resignation and death of Martin McGuinness.

    May be nit-picking but that wasn't the reason, it was co-incidental. There was a big bust up over a financial scandal which led to the recent elections, and Sinn Fein and the DUP haven't been able to reach a power sharing agreement

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