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  • Access: A letter from Aunt Daisy about…,

    Dear Daisy

    It could be that arguments based on the geographical location of post-digitisation carriers are too easily brushed aside by the managerial classes. Some other useful questions of the proponents might include:

    • What progress has been made on the digitisation and on-line access targets laid out at the merger?

    • What other options for Christchurch housing have been examined?

    • How will the format-specific technical expertise and knowledge of staff in Christchurch and Auckland be replicated under the proposed arrangements?

    • What does RNZ think?

    • What do Māori broadcasters (especially iwi radio stations) think?

    • What has caused NTSV to go from an operating surplus of $1.144,452, net capital assets of $6,285,144 and working capital of $853,219 at June 2015 (source NSTV Annual Report 2014-15) to a state where it apparently cannot afford to maintain Christchurch and Auckland premises?

    • How many HR staff does it take to turn off the lights?

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