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  • Access: The long road to real space,

    Not every ASD person is suited to coding - this becomes more true all the time, where coding has become well integrated with a noisy, business case driven world and the lonesome pursuit of uncommon solutions is a lesser part of the job than it once was. Most ASD people love to just ‘get on with it’ without having to deal with the unpredictability of human interaction, but coding is also mathematical and logic driven and this is not to the taste of every ASD person, even if they are very mentally capable. Art and craft are definitely another good outlet for those who like a good proportion of their day to be solitary. We have to face the fact, though, that dealing with people effectively is still one of the most valued skills in the job market.

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  • Southerly: Høstens Vemod,

    Polly is a wee crackerjack. You have done well to remember the amusing things she says. I often wish I had left a recorder on when I take my grand-daughter to Kindy. I laugh and laugh but sadly later I can not tell anyone the wonders I have heard.

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  • Hard News: Music: The year the…,

    Great XMas song selection. I can't understand the appeal of Jamie Xx though - a huge crowd of people cheering on while listening to a big stereo, to me that is just very sad. Next we could have a circus where people watch a big screen instead of having performers.

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