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  • Hard News: Art with a job to do, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Hi Russell, thanks so much for the words on my article, as I enjoyed your take on the artistic merit. Valid point on London. I might add that I didn't think most supporters thought it was going to win, more that they wanted it to win, but can see how it might have come off like that. To me, the sheer margin of defeat - regardless of abstentions - indicates to me that in the end Red Peak didn't appeal either to the public at large or as an alternative to those who didn't like the Lockwoods. Though right it did have the greatest public visibility through media, viral memes, and the proliferation of flag merchandise, in this regard Red Peak appeared to have more in common with a funky shower curtain or fridge magnet from Iko Iko than a flag so can see why it wasn't to everyones taste. I strongly agree with your point about NZ's history of original, artistic design output - with Red Peak being a good example. The decision making process (?) of the Flag Consideration Panel clearly did a disservice to artistic consideration and hopefully a future panel under another government would be empowered with a bolder mandate, vision, and process.

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