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  • Hard News: Change for the Better,


    Ecstatic on opening night. And also beyond delighted to realise this is perfect for my work to daycare to home circuit. AND next year the Nelson St path will run right past my front door. I'm truly living the dream.

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  • Hard News: A Stand for Quaxing,

    Has anyone contacted Countdown HQ about the bike rack situation?

    I don't mind the one at Countdown Quay St. The photo above is a bit odd as the bikes are parked at angles, which doesn't normally happen. I've only ever seen 2 or 3 bikes there (although there is the odd one chained up elsewhere) so it seems to suit the purpose for now.

    As for the question do other people shop on bikes, yes! LOVE my double Ortlieb Panniers. I do the daily commute around CBD/Eden Terrace with my big handbag, the toddler's daycare bag, toddler on front, and occasionally stop to pick up groceries. I can fit a huge amount in there!

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