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    The 1938 social security act is a good idea, i didn't know it existed till this post was shown. I believe the cradle to the grave has its controversy such as free use faculty. In this world today people are struggling with health everyday it is hard to maintain a certain level of control especially with the population increasing from 1938 to 2015. I don't mind my taxes going towards helping the community, I'm not against that. Sometimes people are able to get away of using the free health use and there has to be better security with that, people lie and fake certain personal stories for the government to believe they need it. For example governments should create agents where they can personally come to your home, talk about the situation and proof of the things happening, no offence but people that lie to make things "easier" for their lives don't deserve the "cradle to the grave" treatment. This kind of ties in with the social benefits and student allowance, there has to be a better system where the government can employment the idea 1938 "cradle to the grave" because I'm all for it. Other than that its a good act where we can become one as a community, i know this act has been challenged by the three medical conditions but there are other ways of helping them.

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