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    hmmm not really Steve, since this topic isn't about piracy. It's about people who have paid to, for example, watch the US version of Netflix, yet find that technological measures have been deployed to prevent the importation of the video stream. The copyrights owners want the right to divide the global market according to ability to pay and to sell rights accordingly, and have blocked our legal attempt to import the video stream. Who granted them this right? Well, you could say they have the right to sell to whomever they want and similarly I have the right to buy from whomever I want. I made a purchase from Netflix US and paid my money. If I visited the US and bought a DVD would I be prevented from returning to NZ with the DVD because Hollywood thinks I haven't paid enough? The internet has created a single global market for content but the media owners are stuck in the past and are making it hard for people to access content legally ... which I guess brings us to technological circumvention and/a piracy as an inevitability. Nobody will willingly pay more for something than the guy standing next to them based on nothing but where you are standing, or how wealthy you look? I remember having this argument in Egypt when the vendor learned I could read Arabic numbers and I found that the price in English was considerably more than the price in Arabic - why should I pay more? He laughed, and we haggled ... anyway, I don't think I am "entitled" to any product in particular, except those I have paid for, and as an NZer I am very sensitive to attempts to force me to pay more based on the vendor's ability to control the market through technology - since when have we ever had a fair deal? In a manner similar to parallel importing, all NZers should be given the legal right, in NZ, to circumvent any attempt to control the market. Note that I did not say we should be given the right to steal - just to pay no more than anyone else.

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