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  • Hard News: Radio Punks: So many stories, in reply to Russell Brown,

    That WAS an excellent series from Yadana early this year. Just to refresh your memory RB as it is a while ago), bFM bought the ratings in 1999. Z were in the market then and b pasted them but George was still operating out of Thane's garage in Grey Lynn. I recall a thundering hangover following the post- survey board
    Mtg but can't recall buying the numbers again under my watch and I left end of 2001. I think it was Ella Henry who suggested that it may be politic to 'retire undefeated' from the survey rat race and stick to our knitting. Wise woman she is! Haven't seen full doco yet but judging from the out takes , it's a belter. Still owe you that drink...see you at The Others Way!

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