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  • OnPoint: My last name sounds Chinese,

    Ok, few issues – so 127,000 – can 0-18 year olds buy house? Do 65+ often buy houses? Figure is meaningless.
    Instead how about we use dwellings, so 9% is about 42,000 owned by chinese origin, now ~3,500 is ~8% increase per quarter… starting to see where this is heading?
    ~32% increase in the number of dwellings owned by people of chinese origin PER YEAR, or doubling almost every 2 years. Sorry but that is not “entirely plausible”, it is completely unrealistic.
    Yes obviously some people are just moving, and not buying additional investment houses, but does the entire population move house every couple of years? Highly implausible.
    Quite disappointed in this article and the half-baked statistics and analysis, you really don’t attempt to address the actual issue of foreign investment at all and just put more fuel on this racist sideshow.

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