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  • Speaker: Abortion: morality and health,

    As a mother of two adults, and someone who has been through the NZ health system to address pregnancies I couldn't continue with it at the time, I can speak from experience on this topic. Not only about how incredibly distressing and stressful the process is, made far worse by a number of those working in the system abusing their power, but also the reality of being a woman with years of fertility and potential pregnancy to manage in a lifetime. This is a massive ongoing stress for any woman (except perhaps those with unlimited financial resources, great health and support who wish to continue producing offspring) - no-one chooses to be in the situation where decisions have to be made about continuing with a pregnancy or otherwise. Organisations and individuals who are anti-abortion, but not supportive of women who choose to parent on their own cannot have it both ways. If our society was fully supportive of women and children, made it easy and affordable to find suitable childcare so the mother can earn an income, or provided universal basic income so she could make choices without feeling deprivation or undue pressure, then the picture could be very different.

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